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Travel to enchanted places, dive to the depth of your senses and discover what you’ve always dreamed of! Myriad shades of blue, the inspiring smell of fresh air, smooth sandy textures, refined Mediterranean flavors and the gentle roar of the sea will accompany your yachting experience and make you feel at home and at ease! Experience all the best in Greece!
Whether you choose to travel towards popular destinations, isolated golden beaches, picturesque harbors, cultural heritage sites or a mix of the above, or even if you just haven’t made up your mind yet, we are here to help! With our local expertise, we will help you navigate hidden gems and beautiful anchorage spots. You only need to decide what suits you best.
Cruise around more than 5,000 sunny islands, travel along the Greek coastline, enjoy a magical and relaxing vacation and… have fun! Plan your trip to your favorite destinations around the Greek coastline from our large network of bases and fiki yachting charter agency will take care of everything else.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself”
Wallace Stevens

Poros, Greece
Saronic gulf
Saronic Gulf


Are you ready to appreciate the magical side of the Athens riviera and beyond?

The Saronic Gulf, part of the Aegean Sea, is the closest group of islands and mainland anchorage points to the capital of Greece, situated just south of Athens. Discover the breathtaking nature of Aegina, the cultural side of Hydra that has inspired so many artists, the historical island of Spetses, the breathtaking coves of Poros and don’t forget to visit magical Nafplio and ancient Epidavros, a breath away from the Athens Riviera. Just a small distance from Athens, you will find lots of charming places with a rich history as well as several larger and smaller isles, inhabited as well as uninhabited. Enjoy island hopping in the best all-year destination!

Extra tip: Mild weather and mild winds all year round make this destination perfect for a vacation even in Spring or Autumn.


Are you ready to discover the Cyclades that most tourists never reach?

The Cyclades islands, their name given because they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos, are the most famous summer destination in Greece, situated in the center of the Aegean Sea and comprised from a multitude of smaller and larger islands with two significant characteristics: their minimal white architecture and the unique desert-like environment with its golden, exotic beaches. The Cyclades are well-known to photographers and writers worldwide for the captivating quality of the light and the magnetic thyme fragrance that you smell whenever the wind blows. Explore the mesmerizing aura of the capital Syros with its administrative role and its university of arts, windsurf in Paros, fall in love with Milos, watch the magical sunsets of Santorini, relax and enjoy Kea, have a cup of coffee by the sea in Kithnos, discover the fabled nightlife of Mykonos or travel toward hidden smaller islands for more private and quiet experiences.

Extra tip: In August, northern, dry, seasonal winds, called meltemia, blow strong in the Cyclades and can reach around 7-8 Beaufort during the day.

Kythnos island, Cyclades, Greece
Kato Koufonisi, Cyclades, Greece
Kato Koufonisi
Kefalonia, Ionian Sea, Greece
Zakynthos, Ionian sea, Greece


Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

The Ionian islands, between Western Greece and Italy, have always been a popular yachting destination thanks to their mild weather and intoxicating beauty. Famous all over the world as the home of mythical Odysseus, they will steal your heart not only with their sandy beaches and rich flora, but also with the cultural heritage and the amazing hospitality and generosity of the local people. Discover islands like musical Corfu, beautiful Kefalonia, adventurous Ithaca, peaceful Lefkada, charming Paxi, exciting Zakynthos and up and coming Kithira and savor the stunning scenery, turquoise waters, lots of uninhabited smaller islands, countless coves and beaches, and local Greek cuisine with a touch of Italian flair.

Extra tip: The weather is invariably good all summer long, with some occasional strong bourinia winds and heavy rain that last about 2 hours before the perfect summer weather returns.


Do you seek exotic scenery and calming vibes?

Discover the fjord-like harbors of Skopelos, the azure beaches of Skiathos, the rugged but colorful Skyros; stretching from the majestic coastline of Mount Pelion all the way to the unique Marine Park of Alonissos, the Sporades chain includes several smaller, untouched islands and boasts a breathtaking natural environment, with myriads of rare marine and avian species. The Alonissos Marine Park in Northern Sporades, the largest protected marine area in Europe, will give you the chance to observe rare sea birds, seals, sea lions, and various kinds of hawks – keep an eye out, and you might even catch sight of a group of dolphins or a small Mediterranean whale.

Extra tip: The weather is invariably good all summer long, making it perfect for easy-going vacations, without strong winds, but with some very rare bourinia winds with heavy rain that come in very short bouts, from mount Pelion on the West.

Skopelos, Sporades, Greece
Kastelorizo, Dodecanese, Greece
Mandraki, Rhodes, Greece


Do you dream of places where nature and culture meet in perfect harmony?

The Dodecanese group of islands consist of twelve main islands and more than 100 smaller ones in the southeastern Aegean Sea, a breath away from the coast of Asia Minor. Above all, each island has its own character with beautiful beaches, stunning flora and fauna and intricate geological features. Nested confidently between Europe and Asia Minor, uniquely idiosyncratic, the Dodecanese interweave a distinct tapestry of history and culture. Highlights include sailing across the mythical Rhodes and the historical Kos, marveling at volcanic Nisyros, walking about the picturesque streets of Symi, rock climbing in Kalymnos; explore the colorful villages of Karpathos and the castle of Astypalaia, anchor in the picturesque little harbor of Kastelorizo, meditate in sacred Patmos, and discover many more wonderful places that will blow your mind.

Extra tip: The weather is generally mild. In August, meltemia winds occasionally affect the area, but overall, the weather is perfect for sailing like a pro. The distances between the islands are long, so if you want to discover more than a few of them, get ready for long hours of sailing.