About #fikiyachting


Fiki Yachting Charter Agency is based in Athens and our experienced team of passionate sailing professionals invite you on a custom-made sailing trip anywhere in the Greek seas, on bareboat, skippered, or fully crewed yachts, tailored to your needs and wishes. We offer exceptional services of the highest quality built on our years of experience and business principles. Οur team of passionate and open-minded professionals will cater to you or your company, so that you are provided with the best experience possible. We operate under strict confidentiality regarding the personal information of our clients and you can be confident in our technical maintenance standards and clean and orderly condition of our yachts.

Nikos Fratzeskos

Nikos Fratzeskos, Managing Partner

Born in 1983, Nikos Fratzeskos, a keen admirer of the sea and the natural environment as well as the intricacy of human communication, fused these two passions to create the fiki yachting experience. The visionary of this project, he considers sharing his love of sailing and the sea with his clients an integral part of the fiki yachting experience. He holds a university degree in Economics and besides communication with the clients, his duties include the financial management of fiki yachting charter agency. Ιn his free time, he practices martial arts and mountain biking, and you can usually find him in his office making arrangements for the next charter.

Dimitris Kapsaskis, Managing Partner

Born in 1985, Dimitris Kapsaskis is the practical mind of fiki yachting. With more than 20 years of yachting experience mainly as a skipper, but also as an avid sailing enthusiast, he knows firsthand what makes a sailing trip memorable and unique. His relationship with Greek yachting begun back in 1999 when he sailed on a chartered boat for the first time, and the sea has been a big part of his life ever since. He holds a university degree in Economics and his duties include communication with and practical arrangements for the clients, in order to fine-tune and tailor the trip to their taste. His services are available 24/7. He is a keen wakeboarder and surfer when at sea and an active volunteer in dog shelters when in the city. You can usually find him at the marina inspecting yachts.

Dimitris Kapsaskis